Creative Uses of QR Codes

QR codes have become a mainstream method of drawing attention to what a company has to offer. We have all seen these two dimensional barcodes in magazines and newspaper flyers. They can be found on products at the grocery store and even on sidebars on webpages. It is hard to get through a day without seeing at least one somewhere along the way.

In order to use these barcodes creatively you, first, have to know exactly what they are. A QR code is a 2-D code that you can scan using a preloaded application on your smart phone. They were developed in Japan and are widely used in that country. When a QR code is loaded with information it can direct a visitor to a webpage where he or she can see what your company is all about. Hours, locations, policies, services and goods offered are all bits of information that might be included. Companies also include special promotions to those who have scanned their codes.

Proponents of QR code advertising are certain it is the wave of the future. They do seem to be a great method of getting the attention of the portion of the population who own smartphones (only cell phone users who have smartphone technology have the capacity to scan QR codes). Anytime a new idea comes to the forefront it is easy for the public to be overwhelmed with the overuse. Go into the grocery store and look around at how many products have a QR code on their labels. Each one of them will hold a piece of information that might prove helpful in your shopping or food preparation experience. But not everyone can take the time to scan products before they make their choices. In today’s busy world trips to the grocery store are often made on the run and are not leisurely events with a lot of time to spare.

It seems that the way to make QR codes work for your company might be to get creative. The technology offers many ways to do just that. When your QR code is created you can include your company brand or logo so that you increase your visibility and recognition. If you are a small retail business you might want to place a QR code in your window with a link to an online version of your shop.  This would allow customers who do not get to you during your open hours can still shop with you. During a special promotion a creative business owner may have t-shirts or temporary tattoos printed with a QR code that directs your attention to the special deals that are being offered. This is a somewhat unique way of getting your information out the door and available to the consumers. Parents who shop with their children love small giveaways that the kids can take with them. A pencil, a sticker or a balloon that advertises your business are all great examples of fairly inexpensive ways to get your codes in the public eye.

Scavenger hunts have been used by some companies and although they a bit labor intensive they are a fun way of getting your customers involved. Each stop along the scavenger hunt will have a QR code to be scanned and the information received will send you the next location. These scavenger hunts might be used to locate a prize or completion could earn an extra discount on products or services purchased.

The important thing to remember when you are looking to build your business is to get creative. It is the ideas that are a little bit different from everybody else’s that grab the most attention. It is possible for people to suffer from information overload with technology always at our fingertips. Make it unique, make it fun, make it interesting and they won’t be able to stay away.