Custom QR Codes

Not all QR codes are created equal. It is possible to make yours stand out from the crowd. There are QR codes popping up everywhere and on the surface they all look an awful lot alike. Scanning these codes with your code reader of choice will direct you to a site where you can see the information imbedded in the code. If you can imbed your company info in a custom QR code you may get more people to scan your code. Custom QR codes contain the same information that the Plain-Jane versions hold but they are more appealing to the eye.

Most companies have a logo or a branded identity that lets the public know at a glance just who they are. The company brand helps foster recognition of the business or service a company offers. By imbedding the logo into a QR code you not only give your code a unique look but allow you to draw the attention of potential customers at the same time. Black and white QR codes work but even color recognition for your brand may entice more people to scan a code and see what information they can get.

Custom QR codes, because they contain something recognizable, also offer a sense of security. Being able to quickly identify a brand offers the added value of authenticity. Consumers will feel more comfortable accepting the custom codes as being safe for them to scan. In turn the more times your custom QR code is scanned the more interest your company will generate.

Whether you know how to make your own QR code or you are having a company do it for you it is not too difficult to add customization. It is important to maintain the integrity of the information you are looking to impart while adding you logo and/or company colors. QR codes can be almost any pattern or texture as long as there is sufficient contrast. This is important due to the fact that contrast is needed in order for the reader to recognize the imbedded code.

QR codes are gaining in popularity and many companies are using them to promote the goods and services they offer. Customization will make your company stand out from the crowd. This type of advertising can be a very important asset as businesses compete with each other for a stronghold in the marketplace. “A beautifully designed QR Code can have substantial impact when paired with marketing or personal print collateral.” Using custom QR codes as a strategic part of your marketing plan can only help to draw customers to you and help you beat out the competition.