QR codes in Marketing

A QR code is an increasingly popular method used in marketing goods and services. A QR code is a two dimensional barcode that has the ability to hold more data than traditional barcodes. Where the traditional barcodes can be coded on one level a QR code can hold information both horizontally and vertically. This allows for the storage of a much larger amount of data. The distinct advantage of a QR code is that it holds easily accessible information for consumers. All they need to read your QR code is a code scanner that can be downloaded on a mobile phone or tablet device.

Quick response codes (QR codes) are proving themselves to be very helpful in marketing situations. By including a QR code on your product packaging a company is making a plethora of information available to consumers. An unusual food product found on a shelf at the supermarket may draw the attention of a shopper. But, if that shopper isn’t sure what to do with the product it will most likely not sell. Now imagine the same product with a QR code place prominently on the packaging. That same shopper is intrigued enough by the item to pick it up and the scan the QR barcode. At their fingertips they can see where the product originated, perhaps some information on the health benefits of use and even some recipes to encourage use. This marketing strategy can boost sales of a product or line of products. Consumers will often try something new if there is enough data available to make it seem useful.

Another marketing bonanza for QR codes is the use of the codes in magazine and newspaper ads. A simple smart phone scan can give a consumer so much more information that met the eye in the printed advertisement. This allows for businesses, especially small business, to save some money on marketing. Smaller ads but more available info=saved money! Simply scanning an ad may get the user an offer of a coupon or special promotion that they can use to save some money on the purchase of goods and services.

Scan a QR code; get the information you need about a product. Use the link you were provided and place an order for the product. Pay and have it delivered to your door. Another advantage for businesses using QR codes is that they can be helpful in getting a customer who cannot make it to a brick and mortar store for whatever reason to make their purchase online

QR codes are inexpensive, easily accessible and extremely useful when it comes to marketing a product or a service. They can be useful and make you stand out from the crowd. They allow consumers to make better decisions in the purchases. QR codes also open the door for business to be done outside the regular hours of operation for many companies. Not all consumers have smart phones but for those that do a QR code can be a very helpful tool. And if that tool helps the customer it ultimately helps the business.