Quick Response Codes

Quick response codes, also known as QR codes, are not a call for help to arrive on the double! Or are they? Quick response has nothing at all to do with getting the fire department to show up in record time. So if you have a real emergency dial 911. But…if you are having a retail dilemma QR codes may hold the answer. These cool little gadgets are loaded with information that just may be the answer to your shopping 911!

What is a QR code? QR codes are a type of barcode that are able to hold a large amount of data. Unlike the barcodes found on your grocery items these two dimensional barcodes have a much larger capacity. Information can be encoded in both a horizontal and a vertical path allowing for greater storage. A QR barcode is usually a square, black and white message that shows up in a variety of useful places. You will need a smart phone with a scanner app downloaded in order to decipher just what message the company is trying to impart. The process is super easy and very helpful.

Imagine that you are browsing the toy catalog in an attempt to find the perfect toy for your five year old niece’s birthday party. Doesn’t sound too difficult does it? Maybe not for some people but factor in that you do not have any kids of your own and you are a long way past playing with the other five year olds. I guess you could ask her parents but wouldn’t it be more fun to show up with a great surprise? Go back to that catalog and get your smart phone all warmed up.

If you are looking closely at the pages you will likely see several of the QR codes that I described earlier on those pages. Put your scanner to work and you can learn so much more about those toys than the price. You might get the safety specs on the toy you are looking at. Most certainly you will see what age it is appropriate for and what materials went into its manufacture. Wait, it gets better! You could even get to see the toy in action. Without ever heading out to the toy store you will learn all there is to know about the baby doll on page 64. She even says “mama” and “I love you”. Did you hear that?

That awesome little code isn’t done doing its job just yet. The website you were directed to can also tell you where you can find the item you chose in stock. Maybe they will offer free shipping if you order through the link you are on. At the very least it can save you the time it would take busy you to wander around a toy department with no idea of what you are looking for. The best part is you get to be your little niece’s favorite aunt when you show up at the party with the best present a little girl could even imagine. QR codes could become your new, best shopping buddy.