QR Codes: Real Estate

As the world becomes more technologically savvy and more cell phone users opt for smart phones the use of QR codes is steadily advancing. Anyone who has ever immersed themselves into the real estate market on the quest to buy the perfect house can testify to some of the frustrations. You are driving down the street. Straight ahead there is a house that looks like it could be the one. Unfortunately all of the brochures are gone and the open house is at a time that you cannot possibly attend. Wait a minute. Is that a QR code on the for sale sign? You dig out your smart phone, scan the code and you are immediately directed to the web page that allows you to take a virtual tour. Much easier than making a phone call, waiting for an appointment and getting inside to find that this house is not the one after all.

QR codes are barcodes that can be scanned by readers installed on smartphones. The information included depends on what the code creator is aiming to convey. Depending on the circumstances you might find information such as sales and deals on certain items. Perhaps you would find info on businesses and their locations or even on the proprietors of the business. Once a QR code is scanned you are most often redirected to a web page that the code is connected to. The technology has been used in the retail world for a while and is fast becoming a marketing trend for the real estate market.

QR codes on real estate signs can give the potential buyer a plethora of information while they are right in front of the property that catches their eye. For instance, immediate information about the floor plan of the house and the asking price can help the consumer to make a decision about how likely it is that they are looking at a good match for themselves and their family. Not only can the instant information help the buyer make decisions but it can also save the real estate agent time. 

There is nothing that can take the place of a good real estate agent when you are looking for a house. They will know what you are looking for and be able to direct you. Agents are also able to help you avoid some of the pitfalls of buying a house. They often have a better awareness of neighborhoods, schools and even traffic patterns in a certain area. All of this information is vital to making a good choice but won’t matter much if the house has a layout you cannot live with or the price is just way too high. A quick scan of a QR code can let you know pretty quickly if a property is worth pursuing. If three of the six houses you have seen for sale signs on can be ruled out without the use of a real estate agent he or she can spend that saved time helping you search for a better fit.

 Technology isn’t always the answer and QR codes will not work for everyone. They are, however, a technological advancement that allows consumers the opportunity to get some answers in a time frame that works best for them. Real estate agents then take those answers and work towards finding you the home of your dreams!