QR Codes and Restaurants

Restaurants are always looking for ways to increase their business, both by attracting new customers and rewarding customer loyalty. QR codes are one of the newest, high tech approaches that restaurants can use in this quest. Restaurant QR codes can offer consumers discounts, coupons and promotional offers right on their smart phones. They can also catch the attention of new customers and pull them into the establishment, hopefully adding to the customer base.

QR codes are two dimensional bar codes that can be scanned and read by smart phones. Because these bar codes can hold so much information a potential customer has the ability to learn a lot about an establishment without ever having been there. Scanning the QR code might take you to the restaurant web page where you can find locations and menu options. Families can check to see if the restaurant they are thinking about is kid friendly. Simply being able to view a menu before you arrive at a restaurant allows a consumer to be certain that their dietary needs can be accommodated. Viewing the menu will also allow people to determine if the price range fits the budget

Restaurant QR codes can also offer bargain hunters a chance to get a good deal. Coupons are frequently offered via QR codes. These coupons do not need to be printed out but can be utilized by showing the coupon on the phone itself. Promotions such as Early Bird specials and Happy Hour deals are other possibilities. Even if the person scanning the code does not come to the restaurant today they will have visited the website and this may lead to a future visit.

Advertisements in magazines and newspapers are sources where you might find restaurant QR codes. These are the places where people traditionally look for coupons and discounts. Some restaurants that are thinking outside of the box have put the QR codes on their tablecloths, napkins or even their menus. The codes found table-side might offer a discount with an extra purchase, such as an appetizer or a dessert. This benefits both the consumer and the proprietor. The customer gets the discount and the restaurant makes a larger sale.

Another unique use for QR codes in the restaurant business is the ability, with certain smart phone apps, to make a reservation. A customer only has to enter a restaurant, scan a code and quickly determine how long they would have to wait for a table. If they are willing to wait the customer just accepts on the phone and when their table is ready the phone will let them know. 

While restaurant QR codes are fairly new they are becoming increasingly popular. They may not replace paper coupons and print advertisements but they do offer a novel approach to attracting new customers. The more smart phones that hit the marketplace the larger the potential for QR codes to grow in popularity.