Social QR Codes

QR codes have been showing up in the mainstream for some time now. They are a source of information embedded in a two dimensional bar code. These codes can be read by scanning them with a preloaded app on a smartphone. They are being used by companies and businesses to promote their products and services. It is becoming more common, lately, for QR codes to show up on social media sites. 

These QR codes are referred to as social QR codes. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter and even linked to YouTube videos. Businesses are connecting their QR codes with social media to entice more people to like their pages. Once you scan a code and like the fan page on Facebook, or follow on Twitter you will be kept up to date on news from that advertiser. For instance, if you like a page for a concert at a local venue you will receive updates on ticket availability and upcoming performances.

Scan the social QR code from the department store, like their page and get notices when sales and special events are about to happen. Some stores even run contests through their social networking site that are only available to those who have followed through with the like or follow option.

Some merchants are offering loyalty points for the use of social QR codes and those points can be exchanges for product discounts. This particular type of marketing is being done with a fairly new addition to the QR world. This type of social QR code allows for a real time communication with or about a business. It does not just direct to a URL as so many QR codes do. By offering incentives through social media marketing companies hope to increase their customer base and customer loyalty.

With more and more people using social media sites and as the people who use the sites grow more diverse it makes sense for companies to connect with customers in this manner. It is no longer just teenagers or just twenty something’s who use social sites. The sites have become popular across ages and socio-economic lines. Businesses know it is in their best interest to go where the customers are.