Tracking QR Codes

QR codes are multi-dimensional barcodes that can be read by individuals simply by scanning them with a smart phone camera. A QR scanner application must be downloaded on the phone but the entire process is both quick and easy. This is one of the reasons why QR codes are so prevalent. They can store a fairly large amount of data and the data is easily retrievable. Quick Response codes are used by companies, businesses and individuals to make information available to mobile device users. While large amounts of information can be found on a computer most people do not have access to one when they are shopping, dining at a restaurant or riding the subway. The ability to be quickly connected to information ‘in the moment’ is appealing.

The scanning of QR codes can direct users to mobile friendly web pages, maps, music and/or video. Consumers can order products, get specs, hear a song, get business information or find a discount on their lunch all with a quick scan on the phone camera. It seems as though QR codes can be beneficial to the technology savvy consumer but they must benefit the business as well. How can a business keep track of who uses the QR codes that they are generating?

When a company puts an advertisement in a newspaper or a magazine it can be difficult to determine how many people see that ad. It is, of course, possible to track sales of the printed product but that will not help you determine who actually read your advertisement. Because QR codes require a small amount of interaction it is possible for usage of QR codes to be tracked. There are free and fee based services that can track how many times and in what venue a code was scanned.

Many QR code creators also offer a tracking option such as and One of the benefits of being able to track QR codes is keeping track of what print media is actually working for your company. If print ad A is getting numerous hits a day and print ad B is falling far behind then a company would save money on advertising by pulling B and spending their advertising money where it would be a wiser investment. It is also possible to get a handle on what physical locations are getting the most traffic. QR codes are found at bus stops, on billboards, even on shop windows. By imbedding a promotional code in a QR code an advertiser will even be able to tell what locations are best for their advertising dollar.

QR code tracking is an important aspect of using the codes. Being able to tell when and where your target audience is accessing your information can make it easier to make good business choices. Tracking options can be used to increase business and customer/client bases.