Electricity For Kids

What is it that allows a room to be fully lit during the night, and makes computers, washing machines, televisions, and vacuum cleaners run? It’s electricity, of course! For thousands of years the only way to see after sundown was to light a fire of some kind, and the only way to wash clothes, dishes, or clean a floor was by hand. While electricity is a natural energy source, it was only a little over a hundred years ago that man learned how to harness this energy and put it to work. Not only does electricity make life much easier now, it’s also fun to learn about.

History of Electricity

  • Introduction to Electricity – What is electricity anyway? After reading this website, you will understand what it is and how it is related to magnetism.
  • The Shocking Truth About Electricity – Library Quest not only has fascinating facts about the history of electricity and how man learned to use it, but also interesting information about sources of electricity, power outages, and even experiments.
  • Benjamin Franklin: The Father of Electricity – Did Franklin really use a kite to discover electricity? Read more about the Founding Father who is also considered the Father of Electricity.
  • Electrified Ben – Benjamin Franklin came up with the idea of a lightning rod to protect buildings from lightning strikes.
  • History of Electricity – Even though it’s hard to imagine life without electricity, it’s a fairly recent thing to have in the home. Find out more about how electricity became such an important part of life.

Facts About Electricity.

  • Measuring Electricity (PDF) – Ever wondered the difference between a volt, a watt, and an amp? Older elementary students will find this article a great source for understanding how electricity works and is measured.
  • How Do We Make Electricity? – How is electricity made? How does it travel to homes, schools, and stores? This site explains it all.
  • How Does the Wind Make Electricity? (PDF) – Electricity from windmills is an exciting new development in the creation of electricity for cities. Learn how these machines use wind to make electricity for cities miles away.
  • Basics of Static Electricity – Older student will enjoy reading about what makes people give each other such a shock during winter months.
  • Lightening: Just for Kids – What causes lightening? This websites explains all about lightening, including safety measures all kids should know.
  • Theater of Electricity – The Museum of Science in Boston has an entire section devoted to electricity. On this website, visitors can explore things like Tesla’s electrical coils.

Electricity Experiments

  • How To Make an Electromagnet – Electromagnets are widely used today, and it’s easy to make one at home or at school. This step-by-step guide shows how.
  • Static Electricity – Ever felt a shock of electricity just by touching a doorknob or another person? That’s static electricity, and these experiments can help kids learn about what makes these shocks.
  • Wonders of Our World: Electricity – This site not only has experiments to do, like making a circuit, but also has fun games to help students learn about one of the wonders of the world, electricity.
  • Electricity and Magnetism Experiments – Want some fun experiments to do for a class project or a science fair? This site has some good ones, including using knowledge about electrical circuits to build a simple computer.
  • Electronics for Kids – Televisions, computers, game consoles and other electronic equipment couldn’t run at all without electricity. Find out how these devices work, and use electricity experiments to build simple electronics.
  • Electric “Fleas” – Start an electrical “flea” circus! Learn about static electricity while working on this fun and unusual experiment.
  • Super Sparker – Learn how to make very, very small lightning, no matter what the weather is like outside.

Electricity Games and Quizzes

  • Electricity Quiz – Electricity geniuses, here’s a chance to shine. This fun - and short - quiz will test a student’s knowledge about electricity.
  • Games & Activities – This site includes games, puzzles, and quizzes all about energy.
  • Alternative Energy Sources Game – What can be used to generate electricity? This fun, multi-level game explores the possibilities.
  • Energy Saving Games – The more kids know about energy, the more they can help conserve energy. That’s good for the earth and their parent’s pocketbooks!
  • Games and Puzzles – These games and puzzles help students learn about electricity and energy while having fun!


Electricity Safety and Energy Conservation