QR Code Generator Downloads

QR codes (quick response codes) are a technology used to deliver information by scanning a preprinted code with a smartphone. The phone must have a QR code reader downloaded on it. Once that is accomplished you only need to activate the reader and you are able to scan and read QR codes.

The technology in a QR code allows the creator to embed data that can be read by the scanners. The data can be stored in both vertical and horizontal directions. Downloads are available in the App Marketplace on your phone or by a quick internet search. They are usually free of charge and are both fun and easy to use.

The content of a QR code can include a variety of information. It might direct you to a URL or a text message. Perhaps it will offer a phone number and auto dial the number for you. You could see a video clip or a mobile coupon you can present to a retailer. What is revealed by your scan is only limited by the imagination of the code creator.

QR codes are as easy to generate as they are to read. QR code generator downloads are available online and can also be found by a quick search of the internet. The generator you choose will be determined by what content you want your code to include. Basic creators are available for free. If you are looking to customize your QR code you may be charged a fee but there are many options available.

Be sure to check out all of the available options. There are many possible combinations of information that can be included in your QR code. Make sure that you are getting the message you hope to get out to those that scan your QR code. They can be an asset to your business if they are done well.