Creating a QR Code

Creating a QR code is an easy and fun thing to do. QR codes are everywhere and many of them look a lot alike. They don’t have too. You can use a little individuality when you are creating a QR code. You will want there to be something about your code that makes it stand out among the others. If the venue in which you place your code and the code itself are eye-catching they will be scanned more often. The more frequently a code is scanned the more visible you and your business are.

There are certain criteria that you must use when creating QR codes. The QR codes themselves are square. In the two upper corners and the lower left hand corner are larger squares that must remain in those positions. Most QR codes that we see are black and white. They can hold in excess of 7000 characters. Common technological sense says that the code should be connected to a mobile friendly website.

While you do need to adhere to the basics there is some wiggle room in creating a QR code. Although the majority of the codes are black and white, with some limitations, you can make your code a different color. If your company has a color in its brand that people associate with you there is a good chance you can use that color in your QR code. The rule of thumb is that the code should be dark on a lighter background. The colors themselves are not what are most important. As long as you have a good contrast of dark to light your code will be scannable.

It is even possible to add your company logo to your QR code. You can round out some of the edges to make your code look a little less hard. The combination of softer edges and an image will definitely make your code stand out from the others.

The good news is that you can add and subtract to make your code more attractive and attention getting. Most QR codes are created with a built in error correction rate. That means not only can you make some alterations but if the QR code is somewhat damaged it can still be accurately scanned. Remember when creating a QR code to program the error correction option because if it is not set then your code may be unreadable.

Take a little time when creating QR codes to think about what you want to showcase. A small twist in your presentation may mean that your QR code is an even more effective marketing tool.