How to Make a QR Code

I have been told that if I want to keep up with the times I should make a QR code for myself. So the first thing I asked is why. Why do I need a QR code of my own?  I am not a business and I am not selling anything. I am not running a contest or a promotion and I do not advertise in magazines or newspapers. So what would be the point?

 I was a bit surprised to find out that there are a few compelling reasons to make your own QR code. They can include all of the information about yourself that you want someone to know. Not just a name and address but information about the groups that you are involved in and the work that you do. Your QR code can link anyone who scans it to this info and even to a personal website or blog that tells even more about you and your endeavors and interests. Personal QR codes can be placed on social networking sites, resumes and business cards. They are an interesting way to get the word out about…you!

Ok, so maybe it is a good idea to have a QR code. At the very least it would be fun to try and put one together. So here comes my second question. How do you make your own QR codes? Is it easy? Do you have to pay someone to do it? Do you need special software on your computer in order to make one? I guess my second question is more like my next few questions.  Now to find the answers!

It seems that it is relatively easy to make your own QR code. The first thing you will need is a QR code generator. A quick search on the internet and you will find that there are many choices available. Before you choose one make sure that if you are linking to a website that it is mobile friendly. You want the QR code itself to be big enough to be easily scanned. Your URL should be short and sweet as this will help keep your code ‘neat’.

You do not have to pay someone to make your QR code. There are many generators that are free of charge and you do not have to be a computer genius to follow the directions. Some of the popular generators used to make your own QR codes are: ZXing, BeQrious, Maestro, Azonmedia and Kaywa. These are just a few of the many generators available. I discovered that you need to take a look at a few of them and you will find the one that suits both your needs and your abilities. Some of the QR code generators just have you fill in the blanks and the work is done for you.

There is no special software required to make your own QR codes. All you need is a computer with internet access. You will, however, need a QR code reader or scanner on your mobile phone in order to read any codes that you might encounter. Truth is this was a much easier endeavor that imagined. Even those of us who are a bit technologically challenged (like me) can make our own QR codes with relative ease and no cost. Search out a site that works for you and give it a try. I did and at the very least I came up with this little, square pixilated gizmo that carries my online fingerprint. How cool is that?