Make Your Own QR Code

You do not have to be the king or queen of technology to make your own QR codes. They are fairly easy to make even for those of us who are not at the top of our technological game. The software available online can walk you through the process quickly and produces a QR code that can be used for personal use or promoting a business or company.

QR codes are really just a pixelated bar code that can be programmed with data in both a vertical and horizontal manner. These two dimensional codes are being used to introduce people to businesses, offer promotions, play games and encourage people to try new products. QR codes can be scanned with a QR code app that has been downloaded on a smartphone. Scanning a QR code is a point and shoot procedure. Just activate the app, point the camera at the code and the scan is automatically completed.

A quick internet search on QR code generators will garner many websites with free software for making your own QR code. You will first have to determine what information you would like encoded.  Do you want those who scan your code to be directed to a mobile friendly website? Would you like each scan to produce a mobile coupon to encourage people to enter your place of business and redeem their discount? Maybe you are promoting a musical event and want people to hear an audio clip of a new band. There are many options regarding what you can imbed in your QR code. 

Once you have figured out what you want your QR code to do you can choose QR creation software. Most sites are easy to navigate and will give you step by step instructions to complete the process. Most of your information will be included by simply filling in the blanks with the appropriate data. Many of the sites that you can use to create a basic QR code are free of charge. If you are looking to customize your code you may have to pay a fee for that service. Your willingness to pay may depend on what you will be using the code for. If it is a personal code for your Facebook page the simple version may be enough. If you want to attract people to a company brand a little customization may just do the trick.

QR codes are no longer the wave of the future. They are the here and now. It is easy to make your own QR code and use it for whatever promotional purpose you want. Make sure to place it in a location that will encourage its use. A QR code on a bumper sticker of a moving car could be a dangerous proposition. However, a QR code placed on a For Sale sign on the house in your neighborhood may give you enough information to decide if it is the house of your dreams.