Personal QR Codes: What’s Your Code?

Imagine that you are out on Saturday night at that trendy new downtown club. You meet some great new people but it is time to go home. Just as you are walking out the door the one guy you were hoping would notice stops you and says he would like to hang out. You need to catch your ride so there isn’t much time. You say “scan me” and hope he calls. Tomorrow you have a job interview and when you turn in your resume you apply a sticker to the top of the page. No it isn’t a cute ploy to get your potential boss to read your resume. It is a personal QR code and it may be an invaluable way to get across all of the information you want people to see.

QR codes are a type of barcode that can hold more information than those you would find on store shelves. They were first introduced in the early 90’s and recently have become a popular way of sharing information. QR (short for quick response) codes are two dimensional, allowing for data to be stored both vertically and horizontally. Originally used as a means of keeping track of auto parts, they have come a long way. Businesses use QR codes frequently to advertise and promote their businesses. It is becoming fairly commonplace for individuals to generate personal QR codes.

The first question that you may have is why? Actually the reasons are not very different from the reasons a business might use a QR code. Individuals use them to promote themselves. You might have a blog or a personal web page that tells about who you are. It could include both personal and professional information. Not only does it include the basic statistics but can allow you to be seen in a way that a piece of paper cannot.  It is not difficult to create a personal QR code to allow others to link to your page.

Adding a personal QR code sticker to your resume will give a prospective employer a chance to learn a little more about you. It may make you stand out from the other applicants. At the very least it gives the interviewer a chance to see you as someone who is technologically savvy and not afraid to think a bit outside of the box. With any luck that may tip the interview in your favor.

The other uses of a personal QR code are a bit more, well…personal! A QR code band that can be worn as a bracelet would allow the wearer to pass on personal information in an unusual way. Just ‘scan me’ gives new friends the opportunity to find out about you in a way that is often not possible in a social setting. Contact information for someone you meet socially is easy to lose. Those cocktail napkins do not hold up very well in the washing machine.

Personal QR codes can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your personal life. Whether you use them to land a new job or make a new friend they have the possibility of opening new doors to you.