Places: QR Codes

Where do I find QR codes? I keep hearing about these weird looking but cool little boxes called QR codes. I have been told that I can use my smartphone to see what tidbits of information are hidden inside a QR code. So, I have downloaded an app on my phone that will let me scan them. Now all I have to do is find them.

Places: QR codes;

On packaging in the grocery store: You can go shopping and pick up a product, scan it and get the details. You can see where the vegetables were grown, what kinds of pesticides were used, whether it was an organic farm or not. You could even get a recipe for a new and delicious way to prepare your food.

At the gas station: Gas stations are using QR codes to promote their products. You can get info on where the gasoline originated from, what the lead content is and maybe even how to save money on your gas purchase.

At your favorite restaurant: QR codes are being placed on menus and may include calorie counts or data on the origination of the recipe. You can sometimes even find a discount code on your next meal purchase.

At an entertainment venue: next time you go to make a ticket purchase you might find a QR code that will connect you to a video or audio clip relating to a musical performance that will take place at the venue. It is a great marketing tool that can encourage consumers to purchase tickets for upcoming events.

On a shop window: It is becoming common to find QR codes on the window of a shop to promote business. Imagine showing up after the shop has closed and being able to scan a code that will direct you to a mobile website for that shop. This is helpful and building a customer base because your customer can now place their order online if your brick and mortar store is not open for business.

At the mall: There are sometimes QR codes placed around the mall and each scan will lead you to another QR code. Some companies will even offer a prize if you complete each step of ‘the game’.

There are many other places where QR codes can be found. Scavenger hunts and promotions that will offer discounts and prizes are frequently used as a way to engage customers. Some QR codes are interactive on the screen of your phone and offer games that you can play. They can be fun. They can save you money. They can be good for business. QR codes just might be something good for you to investigate.