QR Code Readers

QR codes are becoming a fast and easy way to get information to a good portion of the public. They are new enough to be cool yet have been around long enough to get some of the kinks out. A QR code is a square, usually black and white, pixelated barcode that can be read using the camera on a cell phone or tablet with internet access. A QR code reader may need to be downloaded if the phone did not come with one. QR code readers are available for little or no charge. It is important to find one that is compatible with your phone and its operating platform.

The uses of QR codes are many. They can be scanned to find information about a business. The data could include address, phone number, hours of business, email address, website info and the name of a contact person. A QR code might contain news about a sale or promotion that a business is offering. There might be a link that can take you to a video or audio clip pertaining to a special event. People are even creating personal QR codes that link to their own web pages. If you look around you will see QR codes in many locations.

In order to utilize the information found in one of these two dimensional bar codes you will need to have a cell phone. Most smartphones have the capacity to download a QR code reader. Some phones have a QR code reader app pre-loaded on them. If not, it is not difficult to find one. Search the marketplace on your phone for available apps, check the ratings and choose one. Many readers are free and that does not mean that they are not good quality. There are others that charge a fee. The cost does not necessarily correlate to the quality of the QR code reader.

There are free QR code readers that are available and able to do the job. GoogleGoggles, BeeTag, ZXing, ScanLife, and QuickMark are just a few of the free readers out there. Your app store should show what readers are compatible with your phone. There are many areas on the internet that allow you to compare the features of these readers. Look at the reviews and make a decision based on what you are looking for your application to do.

Download a QR code reader and head out on a hunt. You will find these codes everywhere from the grocery store to the art gallery and many places in between. Find them, scan them and see what you can learn. Or how much you can save. Or where you should go. The possibilities are endless.