QR Code Stickers

They are everywhere! What are they anyway? I am talking about QR codes. If you don’t know what they are let me help. They are square, usually black and white pixelated images that look like a jigsaw puzzle missing some pieces. These little boxes are a type of barcode that can store up to hundreds of times the data that can be stored on a traditional one dimensional bar code. QR codes are two dimensional. This allows information to be encrypted on both axis and is the reason for the increased storage ability. QR codes come pre-printed on many types of media. But they are also available in sticker form. Think of all the fun you could have.

Why would a company be interested in QR code stickers? Stickers are popular and portable. You can take a roll of stickers anywhere and you can put them on almost anything. You can also remove them if the information is no longer relevant. Because QR codes can hold so many types of information, including words, images and even artwork stickers could be an inexpensive way to get the word out.

In many industries there are expos or industry shows held to launch new products or new seasons. Stickers, given away at these events, allow consumers to go home with information about your company. The added bonus in many instances may be that mom and dad are happier about checking out the products you are offering if your sticker give away keeps the kids happy while they are looking around. A reminder to the adults to scan the QR code stickers with their cell phone will let them learn more about your company or a special event related bargain that you are offering.

Researchers could begin using QR code stickers in place of traditionally printed labels. In many research studies confidentiality is key. The QR codes would offer more privacy as they would have to be scanned in order to be interpreted. True blind studies would be easier to perform if the information was not so easy to read.

Beginning with 2012 models Nissan will be using QR code stickers on all new cars. Nissan is the first company to utilize this technology across their product line. Other manufactures will follow suit in 2013. Once the sticker has been scanned the car buyer would see what options have been installed on the cars. Information about incentives would be included. It will mean that customers who would prefer to look around without a salesman following them around will be able to gather data and then decide if they are ready to move forward with the info they have gathered.

QR codes are not difficult to generate and there are many websites that let you create them for free. Once your QR code has been created it is a simple process to have it printed on stickers. Use your imagination, spread your stickers around and watch your business grow.