QR Code Tracking

QR codes are multi-dimensional codes that are becoming widely used for product tracking, marketing and even communication. Smartphones with scanner applications loaded on them can be used to read the codes. With the rise in popularity of smartphone technology there is also a rise in the use of QR codes to dispense information. Because QR codes are a low cost marketing tool it makes sense that will become widely used.

Being certain that your QR code is directing customers to the data you want them to see if vital. It is equally important that you be able to tell how many people are actually scanning your code and how effective a marketing tool it is. If your code is sending someone to a website that is not mobile friendly then you will not see an increase in business. If your QR code offers a promotional code or coupon that can be redeemed at your physical location or your online store you will see the results by the number of redemptions used.

It is helpful to know how many times your QR code is scanned so you can rethink your marketing strategy if necessary. QR code tracking allows for this information to reach you. Some QR code companies will offer tracking of the code that they have generated for you. There are both free and paid programs for this service. If tracking is important to you check with your generating company to be sure that they offer this service. 

There are different levels of QR code tracking. Some programs simply track the number of times that the code is scanned. Others will give you further information such as where the scan took place and what time of day it was. This data can be useful when determining whether your sales campaign has been successful or not. For instance if you have created a QR code offering a lunch special on Tuesday if the promo code is presented before 2:00 PM and it gets scanned after 3:00 PM maybe the placement of the code is not effective. Any information you can get back from tracking your QR codes can be beneficial to your company and helpful in your long-term marketing plan.